O u r s t o r y

The Domaine des Oullières is a family business that has grown from a passion for wine and nature. here, seven generations of the Ambrosio-Collomb family have passed down the tradition borne from a love for their land.


As a visionary wine-maker and conscious of the changing times, Louis Ambrosio decided to take control of the whole process from planting his vines to commercialising his wines. He became an independent winemaker at the end of the 1980s.
The domain

T h e h i s t o r y b e h i n d o u r v i n e y a r d

Mireille, Louis’s daughter, heads up the vineyard wiith her brother, Sébastien her son and Nathalie, Nicolas, Bruno & Corinne….
Today 3 generations of the familu live on the vineyard.
It is a team that has ensured a continuity of knowledge, and of the evolution of the vineyard as the years have passed.

S o m e o f o u r r e w a r d s

Our team

M e e t o u r s t a f f



“The queen of Les oullières”



“The king of the vines”



“the vineyard’s superman”



“The conductor of Les oullières”



“Le prince of the tractor”



“the wine wizard”



“the tasting fairy”


O f t h e V i n e y a r d

The origin

History et passion

For seven generations our family has produced wine from the grapes we have cultivated at Domaine des Oullières. Situated in Lambesc, in the heart of Provence and a few kilometres from Aix-en-Provence, our vineyard extends to 40 hectares. We produce wines under the Appellation d’Origine Protégée Coteaux d’Aix en Provence and wines of the indication Géographique Protégée, Vins de pays des Bouches du Rhône.
The place

Our land

The majority of our vineyard is located on the southern slope of the Chaîne des Côtes. It is characterized by a rocky clay-limestone soil, lightly watered by the summer rains and dried by the Mistral wind, forcing the roots of the vines deep (as far as 2m!) into the soil in order to find their nutrition. These geographic, geological and climatic conditions, associated with growing methods that respect the environment and the consumer, allow our grapes to reach full maturity and to express the originality of our land.
The product

The vine

By virtue of the diverse way we plant our vines, we develop complex wines of great elegance. Our red and rosé wines are produced from the black grape varieties such as Grenache, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Cinsault and Caladoc. Our white wines are produced from the Ugni Blanc, the Muscat petits grains blanc, the Grenache blanc and the Vermentino.

Our knowledge

Our prestigious wines are produced from the fruits of the oldest vines. Using sophisticated oenological techniques and through regular investment in the vineyards, the cellars, the tanks and the barrels we enhance the vitality of our wines through a combination of modernity and tradition. Our average annual production is 3000hl with 72% rosé , 20% red and 8% white. Our cellar, with its large storage capacity in vats and barrels, enables us to store all our wines in ideal condition.
Our values

On the vineyard

Here, long before the vines, the spirit of family has been cultivated!

The values of respect, work, passion and the transfer of traditions are instilled deep within in each member of the family. This common thread creates an unbreakable bond.

A common personality trait? A strong character that promises colourful family reunions! Each has their own point of view, and eveyone has their opportunity to express their views.  Ultimately, consensus is always reached. It is these discussions that help the vineyard and its wines evolve, much to the delight of its regular customers!

Also, there is the desire to pass on healthy and prosperous land to the future generations. This is why, for several years, the family has been involved in the HVE (High Environmental Value) level 3 certification and works the land in the environmentally friendly “agriculture raisonnée”.

In addition to the family’s passionate wine-making origins, amateurs also appreciate the consistent quality they find in the different wines of the estate, from vintage to vintage, and from generation to generation!  The adherence to the Quality Charter of Independent Winemakers certainly has something to do with it…