Charity rosé wine sale for our extra-ordinary children


Price per case (6 bottles) pour our charity rosé wine sale for our GRIN2B little bees! For delivery, please use the contact form and let us know your address so that we can work out the best deal to get the case to you.

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What an extra-ordinary adventure this charity rosé wine sale!

The actors of this charity rosé wine sale

We would like to thank you very much for the purchase of our bottle for which we raise funds for two associations for our extra-ordinary children.

Before I tell you more, we would also like to thank from the bottom of our hearts our suppliers who also played the game with us so that we can raise as much money as possible with this charity rosé wine sale. These are the following:


Everyone of them did not hesitate for a second to respond to this fundraiser and we are extremely grateful to them.

Why and history of the project

The story of this project begins with our little Léa. Léa is now 13 years old. At 5 years old, we finally have a diagnosis to explain her difference. She suffers from a deformation of the GRIN2B gene. At the time, only 200 people had this diagnosis on the planet. Since then, the number of people diagnosed with GRIN2B deformity has grown exponentially. There are even adults who have been diagnosed with autism who now know what they are really suffering from.



Like autism, there is a broad spectrum of symptoms. Some people just have difficulty concentrating, but there are also people who unfortunately will never be able to speak, walk, feed themselves or have a hope or a quality of life that one would wish for any human being. Science is advancing, but slowly. The funds are needed to help science understand how the disease works and may one day find a cure. The funds are also needed to help families know, manage and make known this syndrome, which remains so unknown to most. Whether in the medical, educational world, or in everyday life. This is the work of the association in particular GRIN2B Europe.


Together we go further with our charity rosé sale….

Facing daily difficulties to help her daughter grow properly and flourish, Nathalie, Léa’s mother had one day gone to a training course. She tells the trainer of her wish to run a campaign to raise funds for her daughter’s illness with a charity rosé wine sale. She feels that she can “finally” do something…. It turns out that the trainer also created an association,

Bee out of the box to help autistic children and their families.


From there, an alliance was born and the project naturally developed in collaboration between the two mothers, but also the whole Léa family of Domaine des Oullières and their suppliers…. And you are today!

Thank you for your purchase. Read, broadcast on GRIN2B so people can learn about it. Maybe it might even help other people who don’t have a diagnosis yet.

Thank you very much and enjoy!!!!!!
We offer one of our best rosés for this charity rosé wine sale, the details of which can be found below.

Characteristics of our charity  Rosé wine  for our extra-ordinary children 2020

Grape varieties: Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault
Vintage: 2020
Appellation d’Origine Protégée : Coteaux d’Aix en Provence
Area: Provence
Bottling: Own vineyard
Alcohol % : 12.5°
Soil type: clay-limestone soil
Cultivation Method: Haute Valeur Environnementale, Level 3
(« High Environmental Value »). This level is certified and verified by the French government, proof of our dedication to our environment.
Average rank gap: 250
Average foot gap: 100
Average age of vines: 25 years
Average yield: 40 hl/ha
Winemaking: Skin maceration. Fermentation at low temperature


Service Tips

Food/wine pairing: Green papaya salad, with fish white, pasta pesto, ratatouille, a spicy dish like a couscous or an Asian dish.


Tasting notes on this Provence rosé wine 2020

A fresh and elegant wine
Dress: Pretty pale rose powdered dress
Nose: Expressive and vibrant. Floral and on red fruits, strawberry and the raspberry.
Mouth: Fresh, on red fruits, cherry, strawberry